First Post!

Well here we go with our first ever blog post!! Exciting but a little scary :)

I'm Brownie (Stephen Brown - simple but effective) and I make all of the products myself. My wife Lola will be in charge of this blog going forward but I just wanted to say hello to get the ball rolling.

I started designing and making raised dog bowl stands in 2013 along with log holders, book stands etc as I'd had enough of driving trucks up and down the country and wanted to be able to stay at home and do something more creative. We moved up to Scotland from London and moved into an old cottage which has been in Lola's family for generations, and it's beautiful - we love it! 

So I began working with wood after friends had bought us a wooden garden trug as a present. I quickly became obsessed and started experimenting and researching on the good old tinternet and that is the short version of how Lola and Daisy Designs got started. 

We still have a store on Etsy though this website is where we want to bring our customers and specialise in our range of raised bowls for dogs and cats.

I'm learning it is harder to get your head around starting a new website in your 50's than what I remember it to be in my thirties :)

It certainly takes longer as I vacantly stare at the information on the screen more than I did and then go back to the workshop to work with my hands instead until the fog clears!

But we aim to have this website seen by many dog and cat lovers over the next few years and really want to provide the highest standard of pet product and customer service we can. Our Etsy customers have left us many kind reviews over the years.

Well that's enough to start us off. As I say Lola will be updating this blog when we have something worth telling you which will (fingers crossed) be the story of our rise to the top of the handcrafted pet product pyramid!!!! :) Dream big!