We are Number One! In the Top Ten Best Raised Dog Bowls Category!!

We are Number One! In the Top Ten Best Raised Dog Bowls Category!!

We are Number One! In the Top Ten Best Raised Dog Bowls Category!!

Smartbarks latest raised dog bowls review put us top of the pile in their top ten best raised dog bowls for sale in the UK!!!

We are totally chuffed with the review of our Super Matt Black Raised Stand as we only launched this pet feeder a couple of months ago and we wanted some feedback. We couldn't have hoped for more really. We ourselves blown away when we first tested this new modern laminate made by Merino Laminates on our range of raised feeders. 

They claimed to be a new type of laminate which has ant-fingerprint properties whilst also being 'Highly resistant to grease, smudges and with anti-bacterial properties making it hygienic and easy to clean'.

We ourselves can be sceptical when reading claims like these as all of us are bombarded with this type of sales talk all day long. Having tested it for our selves though could see that this is a laminate which would be perfect for using on elevated dog bowl stands, especially for mucky hounds who like to spill their water and food everywhere! :)

Many surfaces leave water marks and smudge marks unless they are thoroughly cleaned and immediately rubbed dry afterwards. This is obviously time consuming and a pain in the proverbial if you're have to do it three or four times a day. This newly discovered modern laminate is going to be a game changer for those dog mums and dads out there whose fur babies are a little over exuberant at mealtimes!! 

This laminate can be wiped down with a damp cloth and honestly you can see it drying and disappearing before your eyes leaving no watermarks or stains! We love it and will be expanding the range over the coming months to add to our range of standing dog bowls and raised bowls for cats. We will also try it in our range of wall mounted dog bowls as these we have designed for big dogs, and as we all know big dogs can be quite messy :) casting no aspersions obviously! :)

It's true our range of elevated dog and cat feeders aren't going to be amongst the cheapest. The laminates we use are expensive and seeing as we are a very small (husband and wife) family business, we don't get discounts for bulk buying unfortunately. These matt ant-fingerprint laminates are even more expensive than the standard laminates we use; but we believe these provide the best surface finishes for high-end pet products as they are so hygienic and durable. If we can make a bespoke dog / cat feeding stand that will stand up to a lifetime of daily use and still look great years on from myself taking it out of our workshop to the packing shed - then that is good enough for me! 

Brownie :)

Number One!! :)