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Raised Single Dog Bowl in Wooden Stand, Dog Food or Water Bowl Available in Various Colours and Sizes

collage of four wooden single bowl raised dog feeders
side view of elevated single dog bowl finished in walnut
angled view of dark grey raised single dog bowl stand with stainless steel bowl
side view of black wooden raised single bowl dog feeder
side angle view of wooden raised single bowl dog feeder in white gloss
side angle view of one bowl wooden elevated dog stand in black shell finish
front view of wooden single bowl dog stand in white shell finish
light grey wooden raised single bowl dog feeder side angle view
left side angled view of light blue wooden single bowl dog feeder
left above view of cherry wood single bowl wooden dog stand
left angled view of red and white raised single bowl dog feeder
close side angled view of dark blue single bowl wooden dog feeder
side angled view of single stainless steel bowl in beige coloured wooden dog feeder
side view of bright green single bowl wooden dog feeder
looking down view of stainless steel dog bowl in oak raised dog feeder
side view of yellow single bowl dog feeder raised
list of product dimensions for single bowl elevated dog feeders
Lola and Daisy Designs

Raised Single Dog Bowl in Wooden Stand, Dog Food or Water Bowl Available in Various Colours and Sizes

Elevate your furry friends mealtime experience with our handmade Raised Dog Bowl in a stunning Wooden Stand, available in a large range of colours. 

Made with love in the UK, each piece is unique and comes in various colours to match any interior setting. With this functional yet stylish addition to your pet's routine, you'll both be happier at mealtime! The raised dog bowl stand promotes better digestion, reducing the risk of bloating and other digestive issues. Our handmade single raised dog bowl in a wooden stand adds a touch of elegance to your home decor while keeping your pet's feeding area organized.

We hand make your dog bowl stand to order so you can have the height you need. A slow feeder dog bowl can be requested as an option to prevent gulping. (Please message us before purchase.)

 A large range of colour options are available so you can choose what will look best within your home. Sturdy and durable the raised dog bowl stand will be stable and the tough scratch resistant surfaces are easy to wipe clean improving hygiene. Rubber feet prevent slippage and rubber buffers prevent the bowl from rattling. The food quality removable stainless steel bowl is dishwasher proof. 

DIMENSIONS: (Centimetres)

Regular 38W x 28D x 20H with 21cm bowl (1500ml) 

Tall 38W x 28D x 30H with 21cm bowl (1500ml) 

X-Large 42W x 30D x 35H with 24cm bowl (2000ml)

XX-Large 42W x 34D x 40H with 28cm bowl (3000ml) 

We can increase the standard height of the dog bowl stand by 5 cm's or decrease the height as required for no extra charge. Just leave a comment when checking out.

The quality 21cm, 24cm and 28cm stainless steel food-grade bowl is dishwasher safe. 

PVA glue is used which is certified completely non-toxic. 

The wood is sealed with beeswax for a natural finish and rubber feet ensure this is a non slip dog bowl feeder. 

Foam rubber inserts ensure the bowl will not move or rattle which can affect some dogs.

Raised dog feeders can help with digestion and make meal-times easier for older and arthritic dogs. 

WHICH SIZE DO I NEED FOR MY DOG? You want your dog to be able to reach the bottom of the bowl without having to twist or stretch as this could cause problems. With this in mind you want the feeder to be low enough that they are still eating downwards. We recommend that for dogs (which we know come in every conceivable shape and size :) you should measure to the top of the front leg and not use a feeder any higher than this. If your dog does have a medical condition then we'd recommend getting the advice of a vet if you are unsure which is the best height for your dogs needs. We make every product to order so we can help you if need a feeder made to a specific height.

 ** PLEASE NOTE widths and lengths of our feeders may differ slightly due to being handmade and the forming process used to shape the wood. Leave us a message at purchase if the space where the feeder is to go is tight. We can then take this into account before sending ** 



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